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Order poultry and meat subscription packs online

If you’re looking for a trusted local company to supply and deliver meat and poultry packs, then Manchester based Lancashire Meat Co Ltd is the company to call.

 Local Delivery Available

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Well Established

Order your meat or poultry for the week

Lancashire Meat Co Ltd is an established local butcher that is based in Manchester. We have a great reputation, supplying high-quality meat and poultry that is always hygienically handled and processed, ensuring you only get the very best.


We can supply and deliver poultry and meat subscription packs across our local areas, meaning it’s easy to budget for and ensure you have everything you need for the week. Whether you’re a local shop looking for a regular supply or you're into your fitness and need a great source of protein, we can customise our packs to your exact requirements.

Raw chicken breast fillets
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Raw meat and ingredients

We can help with:

  • Weekly meat and poultry packs

  • Super lean and healthy meats

  • Great source of protein

  • High quality meat and poultry from a trusted local butchers

  • Regular weekly delivery

  • Excellent prices

Where do we deliver?

Based in Manchester, Lancashire Meat Co Ltd delivers in the surrounding areas including Rochdale, Oldham, Middleton, North Manchester and South Manchester.

Raw Steaks

Meat for a week packs starting from £24

If you’re looking to subscribe for the regular delivery of our poultry and meat subscription packs, simply contact Lancashire Meat Co Ltd in Manchester on 07838 139245.

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